Vancouver North Shore Trail Map

Vancouver North Shore Trail Map – Updated 2nd Edition


Coquitlam Trail Map

Coquitlam Trail Map

Stein Trail Map


The first accurate and detailed trail map for the entire Stein River Valley area and surroundings.

This map is made for walking, hiking, mountaineering, camping, backpacking and backroad driving. The Stein Valley Park, Joffre Lakes Prov. Park, Cerise Creek Conservation area, Lizzie Creek area and Duffey Lake Prov. Park are included. The entire Stein Traverse is covered. Also shown are Van Horlick, Blowdown, Texas, Siwhe & Kwioek Creek areas.

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Stein trail map

Stein trail map

This must-have Stein trail map is for anyone driving the backroads, hiking the trails or scrambling the peaks of this popular recreational area. Made for walking, hiking, mountaineering, backroad driving, backpacking, camping, fishing and boating. Use the Stein trail map to explore the backcountry and find the best campgrounds, campsites, backcountry cabins, lakes, viewpoints, waterfalls, meadows, wildflowers and old growth forests!

The first detailed, accurate Stein trail map produced for entire Stein Valley and surroundings

  • Stein Valley Nlakapamux Heritage Park, Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, Nlhaxten/Cerise Creek Conservancy and Duffey Lake Provincial Park included
  • Also includes the Lizzie Lake, Lizzie Creek, Van Horlick, Blowdown Pass, Texas Creek, Siwhe & Kwioek Creek areas
  • This double-sided map shows all backroads & hiking trails for the entire area
  • Includes the entire Stein Traverse from the Westside Road (Fraser River) to the In-SHUCK-Ch FSR
  • Distances along highways, main backroads and main trails are displayed
  • Stein trail map - Locator Map

    Stein trail map – Locator Map

    Many scrambling routes throughout the area are also shown

  • Campgrounds, campsites, backcountry cabins are shown for the entire area
  • Waterproof & tear resistant – if cared for properly, this map will last for many years
  • 1:50,000 scale main maps with two 1:20,000 inset maps
  • Locator map & access roads shown
  • Stein trail map area extends from the Lizzie Creek area to Duffey Lake (S to N) and from Lytton to Lillooet Lake (E to W)

Additional Features of Stein trail map:

  • Topographic map with elevation colouring and hill shading
  • UTM grid (with 1 km gridlines) as well as latitude/longitude grid for easy GPS use
  • Contour interval: 50m; and 20m on inset maps

    Stein trail map

    Stein trail map – Detail

  • This map was prepared with attention to detail. All roads are rated according to road conditions: paved road, 2WD road, 2WD High Clearance road, and 4WD high clearance road. Likewise, trails and routes are rated to help guide users through the map area: track, primary trail, secondary trail, route and mountaineering route. In addition, small side creek and trailside pond positions, not indicated on any other maps, are shown for navigation purposes.
  • Trail Ventures BC’s maps are based on extensive, detailed field surveys conducted on foot.
  • Locations of parking, campgrounds, backcountry campsites, backcountry shelters, food caches, picnic sites, pit toilets, footbridges, road bridges, waterfalls, viewpoints, major creek crossings, cable car crossings, gates, information boards, and old growth trees are shown
  • Map projection: NAD83. UTM gridlines plus gradations on the outside of map frame; and lat/long gradations on inside of map frame
  • Important phone numbers and web sites, as well as reading resources, are given
  • Features included in this map; Joffre Lakes Trail, Cerise Creek Trail, Cabin Trail, Glacier Trail, Motel 66 Trail Marriot Basin Trail, Rohr Lake Trail, Steep Creek Trail, Hidden Lake Trail, Pushki Lake Trail, Morris Creek Trail, Stein Traverse Trail, Lizzie Creek Trail, Long Lake Trail, Figure Eight Lake Trail, Puppet Lake Trail, Stein River Trail, Blowdown Creek Trail, Blowdown Lake Trail, Blowdown Pass Trail, Cottonwood Creek Trail, Brimful Lake Trail, Marigold Tarn Trail, Siwhe Creek Trail, Devils Lake Trail, Stryen Creek Trail, Stryen Creek East Fork Trail, Stryen Creek West Fork Trail, Highway 99, Sea To Sky Highway, In-Shuck-Ch Forest Service Road, Lillooet Lake Road, Cayoosh Creek Forest Service Road, Cerise Creek Forest Service Road, Van Horlick Creek Forest Service Road, Blowdown Creek Forest Service Road, Twin One Creek Forest Service Road, Lizzie Branch Forest Service Road, Texas Creek Forest Service Road, North Spencer Road, South Spencer Road, Westside Road, Highway 12, Lytton-Lillooet Highway, Stein Trail Road, Kwoiek Creek Forest Service Road, Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, Duffey Lake Provincial Park, Nlhaxten/Cerise Creek Conservancy, K’zuzalt/Twin Two Conservancy, Upper Rogers kolii7 Conservancy, Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Heritage Park, Fraser River,Stein River, Stein River Confluence, Lillooet Lake, Upper Joffre Lake, Middle Joffre Lake, Upper Joffre Lake, Anniversary Lake, Blowdown Lake, Duffey Lake, Twin One Lake, Battleship Lakes, No Camp Lake, Fried Egg Lake, Whiskey Lake, Lizzie Lake, Long Lake, Arrowhead Lake, Heart Lake, Iceberg Lake, Rainbow Lake, Figure Eight Lake, Caltha Lake, Tundra Lake, Hidden Lake, Pushki Lake, Cirque Lake, Rohr Lake, Darkside Lake, Puppet Lake, Stein Lake, Elton Lake, Elton Falls, Snake Falls, Cottonwood Falls, Christina Falls, Blowdown Lake, Kidney Lakes, Devils Lake, Marigold Lake, Brimful Lake, Earlobe Lake, Blueberry Hollow Lake, Meadow Lake, Kent Lake, Vesuvianite Lake, Skihist Lake, Antimony Lake, Kha Lake, Stryen Creek, Stryen Forks, Kwoiek Creek, Siwhe Creek, Texas Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Scudamore Creek, Blowdown Creek, Cerise Creek, Joffre Creek, Van Horlick Creek, Caspar Creek, Lizzie Creek, Snowspider Mountain, Mt Taylor, Tszil Mountain, Slalok Mountain, Mt Spetch, Mt Hartzell, Mt Matier, Joffre Peak, Mt Howard, Vantage Peak, Mt Rohr, Rancherie Mountain, Meadow Dome, Lizzie Peak, Silent Hub Mountain, Outreach Mountain, Elf Mountain, Troll Mountain, Gideon Mountain, Darkside Mountain, Tandem Mountain, St Jacobs Mountain, Midian Mountain, Tundra Peak, Cherry Pip Pass, Blowdown Pass, Arrowhead Mountain, Gates of Shangri-La, Moraine Pass, Anemone Peak, Tabletop Mountain, White Lupin Range, Tynemouth Mountain, Caltha Peak, Vanguard Mountain, Mount Skook Jim, Cline Mountain, Pyramidal Peak, Notgott Peak, Gotcha Peak Mountain, Gott Peak Mountain, Cog Mountain, Moomin Mountain, Three Summits, Cottonwood Peak, Rita Mountain, Unnecessary Knob, Silver Queen Mountain, Petlushkwohap Mountain, Skihist Mountain, Antimony Mountain, Claimpost Peak, Siwhe Mountain, Evenglow Mountain, Stein Mountain, Devil’s Staircase, Snake Bluffs, Swamp Bluffs, Raven Flats, Stein Lower Canyon, Akasik Mountain, Mt Roach, Klowa Mountain, Nikaia Mountain, Strawberry Flats Forest Recreation Site, Twin One Forest Recreation Site, Lizzie Bay Forest Recreation Site, Driftwood Bay Forest Recreation Site, Lizzie Lake Camp, Upper Joffre Lake Camp, Keith’s Hut, Blowdown Lake Camp, Cottonwood Forks Camp, Tundra Lake Camp, Stein Lake Camp, High View Camp, Cottonwood Creek Camp, Ponderosa Camp, Brimful Lake Camp, Lean-To Camp, Suspension Bridge Camp, Earl’s Camp, Teepee Camp, Devil’s Staircase Camp, Loop Camp, Stryen Cabin, Kwoiek Lake Camp, Anniversary Glacier, Matier Glacier, Twin One Glacier, Lytton, Lytton Ferry

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