BC Trail Map Bulletins


Up-to-date info on trail conditions within the Southern Chilcotin Mountains Trail Map and Guidebook area: http://bridgerivervalleytrails.ca/trail-info/trail-conditions/

August 2020: Castle Pass Trail is temporarily closed due to a grizzly bear encounter by mountain bikers. This should be reminder for all trail users to make significant noise when travelling on any trails in the parks.

August 2020: Relay Creek  Trail/Twin Lakes trail is in good shape partially due to fact that there are no cows in the valley this year.

August 2020: Relay Creek Road is in good shape and passable to the trailhead of Relay Creek Trail.

August 2020: Over the past few years, Tosh Creek Trail has become a trail/route due to decreased trail use. There are now route sections due to the trail becoming overgrown,  brushed in and some windfall. Significant bear activity was noticed along this trail including at the cabin ruins in the low-to-mid section of the trail. Trail is now less suitable for biking.

March 2019: Park management plans have been completed for parks in the Lillooet area. This includes Big Creek, South Chilcotin Mountains, and others. The management plans can be viewed at the BC Parks website under the relevant park name at: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/planning/

Interview with The Georgia Straight on July 8th, 2015: https://www.straight.com/life/486916/trail-ventures-bc-invites-you-explore-southern-chilcotin-mountains-new-guidebook

July 2018: There was a land slide along Sheba Ridge MR. It’s best to drop down and go around. Here are the coordinates of the slide: 048523 and 5650995 UTM.

Summer 2012:  Taylor Creek Road: The very upper end of this road is no longer driveable with vehicle (reduced to track). The road is brushed in and heavily rutted. Park near trailhead J and start from here. Quads can continue along overgrown Taylor Creek Road to trailhead K.

Summer 2011:  Road 40 is now paved from Gold Bridge west to the junction of Gun Lake Road West & Lakeview Road.

August 2010:  Mud Ck – Paradise Ck FSR bridges over Paradise Creek and Lindsey Creek: Both bridges on the Mud Creek -Paradise Creek FSR have been removed. There is no plan to re-install bridges at these sites. The crossings where these two road bridges were removed may be passable by horse, quad, bike or on foot – use caution. At high flow these crossings may not be possible.

November 2009: The forest fires of 2009 did affect the South Chilcotin Mountains. Within the map area, some forest in the Tyaughton Lake area was burned as well as forest to the E of Tyaughton Creek. Trail access is now back to normal.


For Hurley River FSR conditions, call Squamish FDO in Squamish– 604-660-2421
Mud Creek/Mud Lakes/Slim Creek area FSRs, call Cascades FDO in Merritt– 1-800-665-1511 or 604-660-2421
For Big Creek/Dash Creek area FSRs, call Central Caribou FDO in Williams Lake– 1-800-663-7867 or 604-660-2421
For Taseko Lakes area FSRs, call Chilcotin FDO in Alexis Creek– 1-800-663-7867 or 604-660-2421

To check on the status of the Hurley River FSR check: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/industry/natural-resource-use/resource-roads/local-road-safety-information/sea-to-sky-natural-resource-district-road-safety-information/road-conditions-in-sea-to-sky-district

To check on the status of Hwy (Road) 40 check: www.drivebc.ca


January 2016: New trail building by the Chilliwack Park Society trail building group: https://www.theprogress.com/news/365050711.html

July 2012: Radium Creek Suspension bridge has partially collapsed. It may be passable, but hikers will have to decide for themselves if they want to cross.

April 2012: The Chilliwack-Slesse Creek Forest Service Road will be re-opened for access to hikes and climbs on the west side of Slesse. The road was closed previously due to security reasons. The gate could be closed in the future for any ‘dangerous to public training’. This gate at the Chilliwack Lake Road junction is shown as permanently locked on the Chilliwack East Recreational Map, which is now not the case.

April 2012: The Chilliwack-Slesse Creek Forest Service Road is reported to be washed out near the 8 km mark and the road bridge is washed out.


June 2020:

Seymour Conservation Reserve:
1. Old Growth Trail at the end of the Seymour Valley Trailway is closed due to foot bridge washouts.
2. Fisherman’s Trail is closed between Circuit * junction and Spur 4 Bridge – probably due to foot bridge washouts as well.

Deeks Lake access via HSCT from Hwy 99: Gate is locked near parking lot (trailhead) so access is only possible on foot along old road (HSCT) to Deeks Lake. Due to periodic construction (blasting) the old road (HSCT) is closed periodically near the junction with the old road leading north to Kallahne Lake Cabin and Deeks Peak. A detour trail is now available which runs from the HSCT to the parking lot (trailhead) near Hwy 99 which bypasses the construction area.

Lions Bay parking: Trailhead for Binkert Trail, Mt Harvey Trail & Mt Brunswick Trail – parkingat trailhead is temporarily closed due to Covid-19. All parking below thetrailhead requires a permit. Trailhead for Unnecessary Mtn Trail – parking near trailhead requires a permit.

February 2020: There is a re-routing of the HSCT near Km 29 (along road section near Kallahne Creek) due to rock quarrying work in the area. This re-routed section follows an old abandoned trail built in 1971 by a youth crew from the BC Corrections Porteau camp. Unfortunately, expect increased housing development work in this general area in the future by Concord Pacific.

January 2019: Seymour River Suspension Bridge officially opens in North Vancouverhttps://www.vancourier.com/news/seymour-river-suspension-bridge-officially-opens-in-north-vancouver-1.23555129

October 2018: Grouse Mountain Regional Park Management Plan was approved by the MVRD Board October 26th, 2018: http://www.metrovancouver.org/services/parks/parks-greenways-reserves/grouse-mountain-regional-park

January 2017: Peak on Mount Seymour officially named after former NSR leader Tim Jones. The peak named after Jones was previously known as Second Pump Peak. Tim Jones Peak is shown on the second edition of Trail Ventures BC’s North Shore Trail Map.

February 2016: The Howe Sound Crest Trail (HSCT) north of The Lions and south of Magnesia Meadows has been rerouted to go directly over ‘David Peak’ as the primary route. The “horseshoe” section of the trail which drops ~300 m into the Capilano Watershed was decommissioned by BC Parks last summer. The already existing route that goes directly over ‘David Pk’ has been formalized using BC Parks standard trail markers and is now the official alignment of the HSCT. See revised map image below:

BC Trail Map Bulletins

Rerouted section of the HSCT north of The Lions and south of Magnesia Meadows

June 2015: The gate at the trailhead for the Howe Sound Crest Trail (HSCT) is officially closed indefinitely. However, it has been noted that the gate is sometimes open. This section of the HSCT is a 4WD road. The condition of this road has degraded over the past couple of years and is now somewhat brushed-in over the majority of its lengths. The old  Deeks Creek Trail is officially closed.


March 2020: Update for Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Heritage Park:

Campfires are not allowed in the park

As of June 27, 2017, the Stein Management Board has decided that no campfires are allowed in the park year-round. This decision is based on the consistent illegal use of campfires throughout the park. Any individuals found to have started a campfire is subject to a fine under the Park, Conservancy, and Recreation Area Regulations.

Cottonwood Cable Car has been removed

The cable car near Cottonwood Campground was removed in summer of 2017. Crossing of the river in this area will be via foot until an official walking bridge is installed – anticipated date: 2018/2019.

Cottonwood Forks Camp Bridge has been discovered as impassable.

Cottonwood Creek is passable on foot during times of low water, which it is at this point (at approx. 50° 21’ 17.50”N / -122° 00’04.72”W on the Blowdown Pass). Otherwise, the Blowdown Pass route to the Stein Divide (at Cottonwood Falls) is impassable until the bridge is repaired. Please check this page for updates

May 18, 2019: The Cerise Creek trail to Keith’s Hut is closed because of damage from two massive landslides on Joffre Peak. B.C. Parks has also closed the Nlháxten/Cerise Creek Conservancy because of safety concerns. More info: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/2-massive-landslides-on-joffre-peak-change-the-face-of-backcountry-destination-1.5140856

May 21, 2018: Dogs prohibited at Joffre Lakes to protect park. BC Parks: To protect the environment and wildlife at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, dogs and other domestic pets will be prohibited as of May 18, 2018.

May 2018: Kayaking Notice posted at the Lower Stein trailhead:

BC Trail Map Bulletins

Kayaking Notice

Kayaking and rafting in the park: As of June 27, 2017, the Stein Management Board has decided to close down the park to kayakers and rafters unless the interested party/company has a current Park Use Permit. This decision is to allow Lytton First Nation and BC Parks to investigate how the park is being used by this recreational group – and how to minimize negative impacts to all values within the park. This type of activity is subject to a fine under the Park, Conservancy, and Recreation Area Regulations. Stay tuned for possible changes to this decision.

July 2017: Access to Lizzie Lake Camp (Lizzie Lake Recreation Site) The 2WDHC forest service road to the new Lizzie Creek Bypass Trail trailhead has been improved over the past few years for logging and hasn’t been deactivated. Our map shows this road as 4WDHC but it currently has a rating of 2WDHC due to the improved condition. It’s a bit rough but not too steep. As of autumn 2016 it was in fairly good condition. The Sea to Sky Recreation District has asked the licensee to try to keep it maintained when they are in the area but is not actively maintaining it. The first switchback is the steepest then it gets better.
The new Lizzie Ck Bypass Trail is a little over 1 km further up the road from the old bypass trail and was completed last year. The trail network between the trailhead and Lizzie Ck Cabin was cleared out late last year. Here is a map of the Lizzie Creek Bypass Trail:

BC Trail Map Bulletins

Lizzie Creek Bypass Trail Map






















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