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Coquitlam Trail Map


NEW! Accurate and detailed trail map for the Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Widgeon Creek Valley, Buntzen Lake, and Pitt River and Pitt Lake areas.

This map is made for walking, hiking, mountain biking, cycling, mountaineering, camping and paddling. Belcarra Regional Park, ‘Indian Arm Provincial Park’, Pinecone Burke Provincial Park, Minnekhada Regional Park, Widgeon Marsh Regional Park Reserve & Pitt-Addington Marsh WMA. Rocky Point Park, Town Centre Park, Bert Flinn Park, Coquitlam River Park, Ridge Park, Eagle Mountain Park, North Hoy Creek Park, Noons Creek Park & many more!




This must-have Coquitlam trail map is for anyone walking, hiking or biking the trails, backroads and dykes of the popular Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam recreational area. Made for walking, hiking, biking, mountaineering, fishing and boating activities. Use this Coquitlam trail map to find the best waterfalls, lakes, viewpoints, peaks, singletrack and old growth forests!

Coquitlam trail map

Coquitlam Locator Map

Coquitlam trail map

Coquitlam Trail Map

  • This detailed, accurate Coquitlam trail map covers recreational areas in town, residential areas and the entire backcountry
  • Includes Belcarra Regional Park, ‘Indian Arm Provincial Park’, Pinecone Burke Provincial Park, Minnekhada Regional Park, Widgeon Marsh Regional Park Reserve & Pitt-Addington Marsh WMA
  • Rocky Point Park, Town Centre Park, Bert Flinn Park, Coquitlam River Park, Ridge Park, Eagle Mountain Park, North Hoy Creek Park, Noons Creek Park & many more
  • Buntzen Lake trails (including Diez Vistas Trail), Eagle Mountain area trails & Sasamat Lake Trails
  • Eagle and Burke mountain bike trail networks, cycling routes & more
  • Widgeon Slough paddling route, Widgeon Creek Valley trails & Pitt River/Pitt Lake dyke walks
  • Includes the Coquitlam Crunch Trail & the entire Burke-Widgeon Connector Mountaineering Route
  • This double-sided map shows all backroads and trails for the entire map area
  • Distances along main trails are displayed
  • Waterproof & tear resistant – if cared for properly, this map will last for many years
  • 1:18,000 scale main maps with one 1:20,000 map
  • Locator map
  • All Skytrain stations, streets and roads to show access to all parks and trails
  • Coquitlam trail map area extends from Indian Arm area to Pitt Meadows (W to E) and Lougheed Hwy to Coquitlam Lake/Widgeon Lake (S to N)

Additional Features of Coquitlam Trail Map:

Coquitlam trail map

PoMo to PoCo Map Detail

  • Topographic map with elevation colouring and hill shading
  • UTM grid (with 1 km gridlines) as well as latitude/longitude grid for easy GPS use
  • Contour interval: 20m on all maps
  • The Coquitlam trail map was prepared with attention to detail. All roads are rated according to road conditions: paved road, 2WD road, 2WD High Clearance road and 4WD road. Likewise, trails and routes are rated to help guide users through the map area: track, primary trail, secondary trail, route and mountaineering route. Mountain bike trails are rated green, blue and black. In addition, small side creek and trailside pond positions, not indicated on any other maps, are shown for navigation purposes.
  • Trail Ventures BC’s maps are based on extensive, detailed field surveys conducted on foot.
  • Locations of parking, campgrounds, picnic sites, boat launches, pit toilets/washrooms, multi-use trails, footbridges, road bridges, powerlines, railway lines, waterfalls, viewpoints, fish hatcheries, major creek crossings, historic sites, gates, information boards, wetlands and old growth trees are shown
  • Map projection: NAD83. UTM gridlines plus gradations on the outside of map frame; and lat/long gradations on inside of map frame
  • Important phone numbers and web sites, as well as reading resources for hiking info, are given
  • Features included in this map; Jug Island Beach Trail, Springboard Trail, Admiralty Point Trail, Woodhaven Trail, Sasamat Lake Loop Trail, Buntzen Ridge Trail, Sugar Mountain Ridge Trail, Triple T Trail, Bear Claw Connector Trail, Little Bear Trail, Diez Vistas Trail, Saddle Ridge Trail, Horseshoe Trail, Academy Trail, Halvor Lunden Trail, Eagle Bluff North Trail, Lower Eagle Bluff Trail, Eagle Bluff South Trail, Full Pull Trail, Wolf Ridge Trail, Exterminator Trail, Halvor Lunden Connector Trail, Rokalypse Trail, Mossom Trail, Shaloam Trail, Mistress Trail, Big Bad Wolf Trail, Physiotherapy Trail, More Physiotherapy Trail, Manhandler Trail, MT Connector Trail, Shock Therapy Trail, l/O Limits Trail, Sloppy Seconds Trail, Ted’s Trail, East Bound & Down Trail, Decapitator Trail, Rogers Pass Trail, Old Crow Trail, Four Lost Trails, The Dentist Trail, Hammer Time Trail, Fat Bastard Trail, IMBY Trail, Blue Line Trail, Little Bastard Trail, Randy’s Trail, Juan Valdez Trail, The Wall Trail, Wall Bypass Trail, Coquitlam Crunch Trail, David Avenue Trail, Hoy Creek Trail, LaFarge Lake Trail, Shoreline Trail, LB Trail, North Starz Trail, BF Loop Trail, Starz-Line Trail, Flavelle Trail, Backyard Bikes Trail, Stringer Trail, Bearclaw Trail, Buntzen Lake Trail, Pumphouse Road, Lakeview Trail, Energy Trail, Swan Falls Trail, Dilly Dally Loop Trail, Little Horn Mountain Trail, Swan Falls Loop Trail, Lindsay Lake Loop Trail, Eagle Mountain Loop Trail, White Rock Trail, East Bastian Trail, Coquitlam River Trail, Coquitlam River Connector Trail, Hyde Creek Trail, PoCo Trail, Bullet Dodger Trail, Bullet Dodger Connector Trail, Woodland Walk Trail, Sawblade Trail, Coquitlam Lake View Trail, South Slope Trail, Bean Trail, Nescafe Trail, The Hammer Trail, Lower Vics Trail, Pre-Dodger Trail, Old Harper Road, Ridden Art Trail, Lower Elevator Trail, Recycle Trail, Garbage Trail, Deliverance Trail, Overtime Trail, Jumpline Trail, Upper Triple Crown Connector Trail, Triple Crown Trail, Upper Elevator Trail, Downey Trail, Mowitt Down Trail, Six Trail, Red R Trail, Slayer Trail, Big Boy Trail, Fluid Trail, Braap Trail, Ray Rays Fun Factory Trail, Conifer Drive, Flow Trail, Hustler Trail, Green Bastard Trail, Dawg Trail, Frank’s Trail, Galloway Trail, Line Trail, Sandinista Trail, Well Good Trail, Mental Floss Trail, Bean Trail, Gunners Trail, Village Lake Trail, Burke Ridge Trail, Burke Widgeon Connector Route, Quarry Road, Munro Lake Trail, Dennett Lake Trail, Lodge Trail, Meadow Trail, Quarry Trail, Upper Knoll Trail, Mid-Marsh Trail, Rannie Road, Pitt River dyke trails, Pitt-Addington Marsh dyke trails, Widgeon Lake Trail, Widgeon Falls Trail, Bedwell Bay Trail, Woodhaven Trail, Spahat Ridge Trail, Port Moody trails, Coquitlam trails, Port Coquitlam trails, Belcarra trails, Anmore trails, Buntzen Lake trails, Pitt River trails, Pitt Lake trails, Widgeon Creek Campground, Widgeon Creek Valley, Pinecone Burke Provincial Park, Widgeon Falls, Widgeon Lake, Widgeon Slough Canoe Route, Widgeon Marsh Regional Park Reserve, Widgeon Valley National Wildlife Area, Pitt-Addington Marsh Wildlife Management Area, Pitt Polder Ecological Reserve, Widgeon Valley Wildlife Management Area, Minnekhada Regional Park, Minnekhada Lodge, Mt. Burke, Dennett Lake, Munro Lake, Widgeon Peak, Coquitlam River, Sawblade Falls, Woodland Walk Falls, Dry Crossing Falls, Pritchett Creek, Crystal Falls, Upper Coquitlam River Park, DeBoville Slough dike trails, Oxbow Lake, Coquitlam River Park, Towne Centre Park, Ridge Park, Eagle Mountain Park, North Hoy Creek Park, Panorama Park, Hoy Creek Ravine, Hoy Creek Linear Park, Mountain Meadows Park, Town Centre Park, Rocky Point, Rocky Point Park, Old Orchard Park, Pleasant Hill Park, Twin Creeks Park, NSE Park, Bert Flinn Park, Mossom Creek Park, Noon Creek Park, Aspenwood Park, Flavelle Park, Indian Arm Provincial Park, McCombe Lake, Buntzen Lake, Crocker Lookout, Belcarra Regional Park, Sasamat Lake, Belcarra Bluffs, Woodhaven Swamp, White Pine Beach, Jug Island, Mt. Dilly Dally, Swan Falls Junction, Mt. Beautiful, Hemlock Pass, Tangled Summit, Dead Tree Pass, Lindsay Lake, The Pulpit, West Point, Little Valhalla Lookout, Eagle Mountain, Buntzen Creek, El Paso Junction, White Rock Lookout, Swan Falls, South Beach,  North Beach, Sunrise Hill, Eagle Bluff Viewpoint, Sugar Mountain, Cypress Mountain, Coquitlam Lake, Indian Arm, Twin Islands

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