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NEW! June 2021: The first accurate and detailed Kluane Trail Map for Kluane NP & Reserve and adjoining Kluane Wildlife Sanctuary within the Kluane Ranges of the Yukon Territory. Here lies one of the best hiking, biking, backpacking and mountaineering regions in northern Canada. Walking, camping, paddling and wildlife viewing are also popular activities which will benefit from this map.

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This must-have Kluane trail map is for anyone walking, hiking, backpacking or biking the backroads, trails and hiking routes of the Kluane National Park & Reserve and the Kluane Wildlife Sanctuary. Made for walking, hiking, backpacking, biking, camping, fishing and paddling activities. Use this Kluane trail map to find the best hiking trails, lakes, viewpoints, peaks, campsites and wildlife viewing areas!

  • This detailed, accurate Kluane trail map covers all popular backroads, trails and hiking routes in the Kluane National Park & Reserve.
  • Includes all trails and most popular hiking routes within Kluane Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Includes the popular Slims West Trail for backpacking to Observation Mtn. and the Kaskawulsh Glacier viewpoint area.
  • Includes the classic Cottonwood Trail for backpacking and mountain biking.
  • Includes the renowned Sheep Creek Trail used for viewing Dall’s sheep.
  • Includes Kathleen Lake Campground and trails
  • Includes the challenging but rewarding Donjek Route to the Donjek Glacier and beyond.
  • This double-sided map shows all backroads, trails and most hiking routes for the entire map area.
  • Distances along main trails are displayed.
  • Highway kilometer posts are shown to help with locating trailheads and backroads.
  • Waterproof & tearproof – if cared for properly, this map will last for many years.
  • 1:65,000 and 1:75,000 scale main maps and 1:165,000 map for Donjek Route.
  • Kluane Country map showing the general region.
  • Main Kluane trail map areas extend from Haines Junction to south along the Haines Highway for approx. 62 km and to the north along the Alaska Highway for approx. 106 km.
  • Includes the villages of Destruction Bay and Burwash Landing.
  • Kluane Trail Map Detail
    Kluane Trail Map Detail

Additional Features of Kluane National Park trail map:

  • Topographic map with elevation colouring and hill shading.
  • UTM grid (with 1 km gridlines) as well as latitude/longitude grid for easy GPS use
  • Contour interval: 50m on all maps.
  • The Kluane National Park trail map was prepared with attention to detail. All roads are rated according to road conditions: paved road, 2WD road and 4WD road. Likewise, trails and routes are rated to help guide users through the map area: track, primary trail, secondary trail and hiking route. Biking routes are also shown. In addition, small side creek and trailside pond positions, not indicated on any other maps, are shown for navigation purposes.
  • Trail Ventures BC’s maps are based on extensive, detailed field surveys conducted on foot.
  • Locations of Visitor Centres, parking areas, campgrounds, backcountry campsites, picnic sites, boat launches, airports, highway rest stops, pit toilets/washrooms, footbridges, road bridges, powerlines, viewpoints, major creek crossings, historic sites, gates, information boards, trail km posts, wetlands and more are shown.
  • Map projection: NAD83. UTM gridlines plus gradations on the outside of map frame; and lat/long gradations on inside of map frame.
  • Important phone numbers and web sites, as well as reading resources for hiking, backpacking and paddling info, are given.
  • Features included in this map; Kluane National Park trails including:
    Slims River West Trail,
    Sheep Creek Trail,
    Bullion Plateau Trail,
    Alsek River Valley Trail,
    Auriol Trail,
    King’s Throne Trail,
    Cottonwood Trail Traverse,
    Donjek Traverse Mountaineering Route

Store locations:
Mac’s Fireweed Books − 203 Main Street, Whitehorse, Yukon (867-668-6104)
Parks Canada − Kluane National Park and Reserve Visitor Centre, Haines Junction, Yukon
Parks Canada − Thechàl Dhâl’ Visitor Centre, situated in the ‘Ä’äy Chù Valley, one-hour drive north of Haines Junction on the Alaska Highway, Yukon
Mountain Equipment Co-op – 130 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC (604-872-7858)
Mountain Equipment Co-op – 212 Brooksbank Ave, North Vancouver, BC (604-990-4417)
Mountain Equipment Co-op – #1-6121 200th Street, Langley, BC (604-534-4570)