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East Chilliwack Hiking Trail Map

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West Chilliwack Hiking Trail Map


The first ever accurate GPS-based recreational map of the Chilliwack West (Skagit Range) area including access roads and highways, forest service roads, tracks, trails and mountaineering routes (MR). Roads and trails are qualified to enable best route finding.

Includes Cultus Lake Provincial Park, Luimchen Ecological Reserve, Great Blue Heron Ecological Reserve, Thompson Park, Mt. Thom Park, and the Vedder Mountain area. For camping, hiking, boating, mountain biking, fishing, whitewater kayaking, rafting, and mountaineering activities. Also for motorized activities including 4-wheeling, quad riding, and dirt biking.

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The first GPS based, topographic Chilliwack hiking trail maps. Published in 2010 by Trail Ventures BC.

These Chilliwack hiking trail maps (including back roads) will appeal to hiking, mountaineering, horseback riding, mountain biking, snowshoeing, fishing, rafting and kayaking enthusiasts. These Chilliwack hiking trails & forest service road (FSR) maps are also useful for out-of-park activities involving dirtbike, quad & 4WD in back road areas such as Vedder Mountain and Chipmunk Creek.


West Chilliwack hiking trail map

Chilliwack West Map – Title

  • The first GPS-based Cultus Lake trail map
  • The first GPS-based Vedder Mountain trail map
  • South Chilliwack road map included
  • All western Chilliwack hiking trails
  • 1:30,000 map
  • Locator map & access information provided
  • Covers ~540 sq. km (17.5 km S to N x 31 km W to E)
  • Cultus Lake Provincial Park, Cultus Lake trails, Liumchen Ecological Reserve & trails
  • Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve & trails, Mt. Thom Park & trails
  • Vedder Mountain backroads & Vedder Mountain trails
  • Lower Chilliwack River valley, Trans-Canada Trail, Dyke trails, Elk-Thurston Trail
  • Access road & Chilliwack forest service road (FSR) map
  • Chilliwack hiking trail map area stretches from the Canada-USA border to Trans-Canada Hwy (S to N) and from Vedder Mountain to Alison Pool (W to E)

West Chilliwack hiking trail map

West Chilliwack hiking trail map – Frontside

West Chilliwack hiking trail map

West Chilliwack hiking trail map – Backside









Additional Features of Both Chilliwack Hiking Trail Maps:

  • Topographic map with elevation colouring and hill shading
  • UTM grid as well as latitude/longitude grid for easy GPS use
  • Contour interval: 50m
  • This Chilliwack hiking trail map was prepared with attention to detail. Chilliwack roads are rated according to road conditions: paved road, 2WD road, 2WD High Clearance road, and 4WD road. Likewise, trails and routes are rated to help guide users through the map area: track, primary trail, secondary trail, route and mountaineering route. This detail will be of particular use in navigation where trail or back road conditions vary significantly over short distances. In addition, small side creek and trailside pond positions, not indicated on any other maps, are shown for navigation purposes. Trail Ventures BC’s maps are based on extensive, detailed field surveys conducted on foot.
  • Locations of Chilliwack campgrounds, campsites, footbridges, major creek crossings, bridges out, gates, barricades, boat launches, caves, historic sites, and put-in/take-out sites are shown.
  • Trailhead locations are shown and UTM positions are given.
  • Map projection/datum: NAD83. UTM gridlines plus gradations on the outside of map frame; and lat/long gradations on inside of map frame.
  • Approximate Chilliwack glacier positions are shown where glaciers exist.
  • Information about primary Chilliwack access, parks, roads, trails, activities, information sources, amenities, etc. on the back side of each map.

Mountain Equipment Co-op – 130 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC (604-872-7858)
Mountain Equipment Co-op – #1-6121 200th Street, Langley, BC (604-534-4570)
Mountain Equipment Co-op – 212 Brooksbank Ave, North Vancouver, BC (604-990-4417)
International Travel Maps & Books – 12300 Bridgeport Road, Richmond, BC (604-273-1400)
Tourism Chilliwack Visitor Centre – 44150 Luckakuck Way, Chilliwack, BC (1-800-567-9535)
Valhalla Pure – 2-1707 Salton Rd., Abbotsford, BC (604-850-5523)
Hope Visitor Centre – 919 Water Avenue, Hope, BC (1-866-HOPEVIC)
Cultus Lake Provincial Park – Gatehouse
Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park – Office (trailer)
Mt. Waddington’s Outdoors – 5643 Vedder Rd., Chilliwack, BC (604-846-1984)
Wanderlust – 1929 West Fourth Ave., Vancouver, BC (604-739-2182)
Escape Route – 40222 Glenalder Pl, Squamish, BC (604-892-3228)
Escape Route – 113-4350 Lorimer Rd., Whistler, BC (604-938-3228)