Southern Chilcotin Bulletins

March 2019: Park management plans have been completed for parks in the Lillooet area. This includes Big Creek, South Chilcotin Mountains, and others. The management plans can be viewed at the BC Parks website under the relevant park name at: https://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/planning/mgmtplns/

Interview with The Georgia Straight on July 8th, 2015:https://www.straight.com/life/486916/trail-ventures-bc-invites-you-explore-southern-chilcotin-mountains-new-guidebook

Reports on Road & Trail Conditions:

July 2018: There was a land slide along Sheba Ridge MR. It’s best to drop down and go around. Here are the coordinates of the slide: 048523 and 5650995 UTM.

May 21, 2018: The Hurley is open: https://isurvivedthehurley.com/?p=2411

July 5, 2016: The Relay Ck Rd is in ‘normal’ condition. Drive-able with suitable 4WDHC vehicle to its end (Relay Ck Trail trailhead).

September 3, 2015: Update on campfire ban: Go to www.bcwildfire.ca  for more info. See current map

August 28, 2015: Campfire ban lifted in coastal areas: Go to www.bcwildfire.ca  for more info. See current map

June 30, 2015: Campfires banned throughout the Kamloops Fire Centre: www.bcwildfire.ca: Effective at noon on Friday, July 3, 2015, all open fires – including campfires – will be prohibited throughout the entire Kamloops Fire Centre. This prohibition will remain in place until the public is otherwise notified. A map of the area covered by this open burning prohibition and campfire ban is available online at: See a map


May 9, 2016: The Hurley River FSR is open for the season! For more info on road conditions go to: https://isurvivedthehurley.com/?p=1878

September 21/2015: Highline Road closed: https://www.vancouversun.com/news/metro/hundreds+stranded+others+without+power+slides+northeast/11377797/story.html

May 17, 2015: The Hurley River FSR was recently graded from one end to the other. The pass is clear of snow and overall the road is quite good. Use caution due to loose gravel/dirt.

Hurley River FSR on May 17, 2015

Railroad Pass on the Hurley River FSR on May 17, 2015

UPDATE October 10, 2014: The road construction on the Hurley River FSR appears to be complete and the road is in good shape south of Railroad Pass. The surface is loose – drive with caution. Starting September 8, 2014, Hurley River FSR: expect two hour closures Monday-Friday, open for 10 minutes on the even hour. Recommend 4WD. Drive with caution, watch for equipment working.

June 9, 2014:  The Hurley River FSR is open!

August 2013:  Slim Creek FSR – road bridge near W end of road about 2 km before trailhead A has been replaced with a new road bridge and is open to traffic.

Summer 2012:  Taylor Creek Road: The very upper end of this road is no longer driveable with vehicle (reduced to track). The road is brushed in and heavily rutted. Park near trailhead J and start from here. Quads can continue along overgrown Taylor Creek Road to trailhead K.

Summer 2011:  Road 40 is now paved from Gold Bridge west to the junction of Gun Lake Road West & Lakeview Road.

Summer 2010:  Slim Creek FSR – bridge about 2 km before trailhead A is closed to vehicles. Park near bridge and start from here.

August 2010:  Mud Ck – Paradise Ck FSR bridges over Paradise Creek and Lindsey Creek: Both bridges on the Mud Creek -Paradise Creek FSR have been removed. There is no plan to re-install bridges at these sites. The crossings where these two road bridges were removed may be passable by horse, quad, bike or on foot – use caution. At high flow these crossings may not be possible.

November 2009: The forest fires of 2009 did affect the South Chilcotin Mountains. Within the map area, some forest in the Tyaughton Lake area was burned as well as forest to the E of Tyaughton Creek. Trail access is now back to normal.

July 1/2008: Mud Ck – Paradise Ck FSR & Mud Ck FSR – condition good.

July 1/2008: Relay Ck Rd – road work by First Nations has greatly improved this road including the wash out area and the nearby steep sidehill section. Easily 4WDable to the roads end. As usually be careful driving this slippery road when it is wet – it is recommended to carry chains for such conditions.

June 3/2007: Mud Ck-Taylor Ck FSR – some recent road construction just W of bridge over Tyaughton Creek has left a section of road in 2WDHC condition.

June 3/2007: Mud Ck FSR – some rockfall has reduced condition to 2WDHC over a few sections.

Sept. 23/2006: Relay Creek Road has been temporarily repaired. With next years spring thaw this road could be washed away again.

July 2/2006: Relay Creek Road is washed out at ~km 17.2 (from the Mud Ck–Paradise Ck FSR junction with Relay Creek Road) which is approx 5km before the end of the road. This may not get fixed for some time. Nearest alternative trailhead is Paradise Creek Trail off Mud Ck-Paradise Ck FSR.


For updates on trail conditions also check: bridgerivervalleytrails.ca.

June 2015:  The lower Tyaughton Creek Trail  has significant blowdown between the trailhead at the Mud Creek-Paradise Creek FSR junction and the Castle Pass Trail/Route junction. Some progress has been made to date (June 15) to clear it out.

June 2015:  All creeks have very high flow. Crossings are dangerous and many are not possible at this time.

Lower Gun Creek, June 2015 (photo by Bob Price)

Lower Gun Creek, June 2015 (photo by Bob Price)

June 2013: Paradise Creek Trail/Route – as the road access has not been possible since August 2010, this trail has likely seen little use since then. Be prepared for numerous windfall from the trailhead to the first crossing of Paradise Creek – most years the trail gets cleared in the fall by hunters but windfall may accumulate from winter to fall. Desite the greater distance involved, access via the Castle Pass Trail/Route (Tyaughton Creek drainage) may be a better option.

August 1/ 2012: Taylor-Pearson Trail near Camel Pass on the Pearson Basin side – some mountain bikers are shortcutting between Camel Pass and the High Trail partially through the delicate meadows. Please stay on the trail. Do not shortcut!

August 1/ 2012: High Trail – there has been recent logging near the start of the High Trail but the trail/road is still clear.

July 1/2008: Little Paradise Ck Trail – conditions good. More horse traffic and maintenance then usual has made this trail easier to follow. Very little windfall.

July 1/2008: Tyoax Pass Trail – trail thin and lightly beaten now but this should change once the trail sees more horse traffic this year.

July 1/2008: Elbow Pass Trail – wet conditions with all of the melting snow but this should dry out later which about normal.

June 3/2007: Lower Tyaughton Hiker’s Trail – trail cleared out and reflagged. Several windfall across trail – detours in place around most. Some short route sections.

Sept. 23/2006: The E portion (approx 3 km of secondary trail) of Sheba Ridge Mountaineering Route (south branch) from it’s junction with the Open Heart Trail to where it turns to mountaineering route is in good shape. Trail is better beaten than last year as it has seen more horse traffic. Has been brushed out recently. The north branch of the Sheba Ridge Mountaineering Route has seen less use of late and so it has become less obvious in some parts.

Sept. 23/2006: The bridge over Eldorado Creek along Gun Creek Trail has not been rebuilt yet but we have been told that construction will be started very soon.

Sept/2006: A new Jewel Bridge has been built! This footbridge is located <100m W of where the old bridge stood. The old bridge has been removed. The new bridge sits on a concrete foundation and otherwise, is similar to the old bridge.

Sept/2006: It was pointed out to Trail Ventures BC that the position of the side trail which branches off the Elbow Pass Trail (just W of Elbow Pass), and which climbs off to the S to become mountaineering route and which connects to Lorna Pass, is incorrect. This side trail and its junction with the Elbow Pass Trail should be shown about 250m further E (higher in elevation & closer to Elbow Pass).

August 6/2006: North Cinnabar Trail/Route – This trail/route was recently cleared out from trailhead to alpine meadows (although a few large windfall remain). The trail crosses North Cinnabar Creek 3 times in close proximity – look for flagging here which indicates general direction of trail. In the large meadows of the upper basin, the trail/route is overgrown – make your own route through this area (as indicated on the map).

July 7/2006: Lower Tyaughton Hiker’s Trail partially overgrown and difficult to follow. Trail Ventures BC plans to brush out and mark this trail by early summer 2007. See trip report by DougF.

July 2/2006: Paradise Creek Trail condition is ok with more blowdown than last year.

June 2006: Gun Creek Trail – footbridge across Eldorado Creek washed out. BC Parks is currently working on rebuilding this bridge. It is not too difficult to cross the creek here on foot in the meantime.


For Hurley River FSR conditions, call Squamish FDO in Squamish– 604-660-2421
Mud Creek/Mud Lakes/Slim Creek area FSRs, call Cascades FDO in Merritt– 1-800-665-1511 or 604-660-2421
For Big Creek/Dash Creek area FSRs, call Central Caribou FDO in Williams Lake– 1-800-663-7867 or 604-660-2421
For Taseko Lakes area FSRs, call Chilcotin FDO in Alexis Creek– 1-800-663-7867 or 604-660-2421

To check on the status of the Hurley River FSR check www.for.gov.bc.ca.

To check on the status of Hwy (Road) 40 check www.drivebc.ca.


Reports on Road & Trail Conditions:


April 2012: The Chilliwack-Slesse Creek Forest Service Road will be re-opened for access to hikes and climbs on the west side of Slesse. The road was closed previously due to security reasons. The gate could be closed in the future for any ‘dangerous to public training’. This gate at the Chilliwack Lake Road junction is shown as permanently locked on the Chilliwack East Recreational Map, which is now not the case.

April 2012: The Chilliwack-Slesse Creek Forest Service Road is reported to be washed out near the 8 km mark and the road bridge is washed out.


January 2016: New trail building by the Chilliwack Park Society trail building group: https://www.theprogress.com/news/365050711.html

July 2012: Radium Creek Suspension bridge has partially collapsed. It may be passable, but hikers will have to decide for themselves if they want to cross.


January 2019: Seymour River Suspension Bridge officially opens in North Vancouverhttps://www.vancourier.com/news/seymour-river-suspension-bridge-officially-opens-in-north-vancouver-1.23555129

July 2018: The bridge across Seymour river is under construction:

July 2018: Old growth trail network temporary closed:

July 2017: Repairs to Lynn Headwaters access road to start in July. For road access and parking info go to: https://www.dnv.org/news/repairs-lynn-headwaters-access-road-start-july

January 2017: Peak on Mount Seymour officially named after former NSR leader Tim Jones. The peak named after Jones was previously known as Second Pump Peak. Tim Jones Peak is shown on the second edition of Trail Ventures BC’s North Shore Trail Map.

February 2016: The Howe Sound Crest Trail (HSCT) north of The Lions and south of Magnesia Meadows has been rerouted to go directly over ‘David Peak’ as the primary route. The “horseshoe” section of the trail which drops ~300 m into the Capilano Watershed was decommissioned by BC Parks last summer. The already existing route that goes directly over ‘David Pk’ has been formalized using BC Parks standard trail markers and is now the official alignment of the HSCT. See revised map image below:

Rerouted section of the HSCT

Rerouted section of the HSCT north of The Lions and south of Magnesia Meadows

November 2015: Donation of North Shore Trail Maps to North Shore Rescue: https://www.northshorerescue.com/2015/11/16/north-shore-trail-map-donation/

Donation of North Shore Trail Maps to North Shore Rescue

Donation of North Shore Trail Maps to North Shore Rescue

June 2015: The gate at the trailhead for the Howe Sound Crest Trail (HSCT) is officially closed indefinitely. However, it has been noted that the gate is sometimes open. This section of the HSCT is a 4WD road. The condition of this road has degraded over the past couple of years and is now somewhat brushed-in over the majority of its lengths. The old  Deeks Creek Trail is officially closed.

25-kilometre loop trail for cyclists and hikers in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve now open: www.vancouversun.com

Howe Sound Crest Trail: BC Parks spent $45,000 in trail work funding for the 2013 season. $50,000 will be made available in the 2014 season to continue the Howe Sound Crest Upgrade work with current focus on rebuilding the switchbacks leading to St. Marks Summit with a durable trail bed and proper drainage. Work is also planned to clear blow downs at the Deeks Lake end of the trail.

August 2014: HSCT (aka Deeks Lake Trail): At the Porteau Road trailhead (parking lot), the gate which was previously open is now closed. There are “No Trespassing” signs posted. This may be due to the housing development near Deeks Creek.

December 2014: Seymour River trail closures due to the rock slide: Bottletop, Twin Bridge, Riverside – Twin Bridge on Fisherman’s Trail are closed indefinitely. Closures are also currently in place at Hyannis Point and Incline that will likely be scaled back as we get through the rest of the next couple bouts of weather. There will be some semi-permanent or permanent changes to the trail network as a result of this slide event.

Interview with CBC News On the Coast on March 3, 2015: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/spring-hiking-trails-in-metro-vancouver-for-mountain-enthusiasts-1.2979323

spring hiking cbc


Reports on Road & Trail Conditions:

May 18, 2019: The Cerise Creek trail to Keith’s Hut is closed because of damage from two massive landslides on Joffre Peak. B.C. Parks has also closed the Nlháxten/Cerise Creek Conservancy because of safety concerns. More info: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/2-massive-landslides-on-joffre-peak-change-the-face-of-backcountry-destination-1.5140856

May 21, 2018: The Lytton ferry is currently not working due to high water. To get across the Fraser River, check out this cool suspension bridge. The location of the bridge is shown on our Stein to Joffre Trail Map: 

May 21, 2018: Dogs prohibited at Joffre Lakes to protect park. BC Parks: To protect the environment and wildlife at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, dogs and other domestic pets will be prohibited as of Friday, May 18, 2018. https://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/joffre_lks/

May 2018: Kayaking Notice posted at the Lower Stein trailhead:

Stein Valley Park

Kayaking Notice

July 2017: Access to Lizzie Lake Camp (Lizzie Lake Recreation Site) The 2WDHC forest service road to the new Lizzie Creek Bypass Trail trailhead has been improved over the past few years for logging and hasn’t been deactivated. Our map shows this road as 4WDHC but it currently has a rating of 2WDHC due to the improved condition. It’s a bit rough but not too steep. As of autumn 2016 it was in fairly good condition. The Sea to Sky Recreation District has asked the licensee to try to keep it maintained when they are in the area but is not actively maintaining it. The first switchback is the steepest then it gets better.
The new Lizzie Ck Bypass Trail is a little over 1 km further up the road from the old bypass trail and was completed last year. The trail network between the trailhead and Lizzie Ck Cabin was cleared out late last year. Here is a map of the Lizzie Creek Bypass Trail:

Lizzie Creek Bypass Trail Map

Lizzie Creek Bypass Trail Map

May 2017: Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Heritage Park: For the most recent BC Parks Trail Information Update May 2017 – December 2017 click here: www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/stein_val/trail_report.pdf  Updates on access via Lytton Trailhead, Lizzie Lake, Blowdown Pass, Van Horlick Creek Road plus updates on trail conditions and campgrounds.

August 18, 2016: The new bypass trail at the start of the Lizzie Creek Trail is progressing. From the old bypass trailhead, continue following the main road uphill eastward. At ~1.3 km past the old bypass trailhead, at an sharp switchback corner, is the flagged trailhead for the new bypass trail. Most 2WD vehicles can access this trailhead (the road has been improved over the past couple years due to active logging in the area) located at ~540 m elev. Roadside parking is available near to the trailhead. Currently there are no signs, although there are plans to erect some in the future. Though not fully completed yet, the new bypass trail will be well constructed and marked along its ~1 km length. Reports are that the grades and construction of the new bypass trail will make this a much safer option than the older, lower bypass trail. Note – our Stein to Joffre trail map shows the old bypass trail and will be updated for the next edition to show the new bypass trail.

The clearing of the old road up to Lizzie Lake is also on-going. After the crossing of the ‘E Fork’ of Lizzie Ck (shown on our map) the road has been cleared out part of the way up towards Lizzie Lake. Plans are to clear out the remainder of the old road to Lizzie Lake and also to clear the Lizzie Ck Trail of the significant windfall above the lake. Hopes are to have the work noted above completed by year’s end. There are no plans to improve any of the creek crossings in this area.

This work is being done by the provincial government and is being overseen by Rec Sites & Trails BC. Once this work is completed, we expect the safety and enjoyment of the Lizzie Ck Trail will be much improved. Kudos to Rec Sites & Trails BC!

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