Lying at the boundary of the hot dry interior regions, the Southern Chilcotin Mountains (SCM) weather falls somewhere in between. This translates to drier, sunnier and colder weather in general than that of the coast.

Lenticular clouds, common to the South Chilcotin Mountains, often foretell a change in the weather
Lenticular clouds, common to the South Chilcotin Mountains, often foretell a change in the weather

More lenticular clouds.
More lenticular clouds.

In spring, the snow clears out of the lower elevations by May and upper elevations, in general, by late July. Temperatures during summer can reach 30°C or higher but it is not uncommon for overnight temperatures to dip below freezing or to have a quick snowfall at any time. Thunderstorms can be fierce here, especially along the ridge tops – so come prepared.

Fall can be pleasant with warm day temperatures, very few bugs and beautiful autumn colors. Usually by mid-late fall, temperatures drop considerably and the snow begins to fly.

Winter snow conditions and snow pack are usually excellent in the SW portion of the map area (in upper Slim Creek drainage). Heli-skiing and backcountry skiing are popular activities.

Weather Forecasts & Conditions

The federal government’s Weather Office website provides the best available weather info for the South Chilcotin Mountains.

Satellite images, radar, current conditions and forecast information are all useful. There are short and long range forecasts for the Chilcotin and the coast areas. Best to look at both and assume the weather will be somewhere in between. Or simply look at Pemberton’s and Lillooet’s forecasts and average them. We lean a little more towards Pemberton’s weather forecast as Lillooet’s weather tends to be less in common with areas W of it.

Radar shows rain fall over the past few hours – click on Victoria’s station as we find this provides the best info for the Southern Chilcotin Mountains which are at the very top of the map on the website.

For a live weather cam from Gun Lake and current temperature, humidity and barometer info go to

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