January 2019: Seymour River Suspension Bridge officially opens in North Vancouver: https://www.vancourier.com/news/seymour-river-suspension-bridge-officially-opens-in-north-vancouver-1.23555129

July 2018: The bridge across Seymour river is under construction:

July 2018: Old growth trail network temporary closed:

July 2017: Repairs to Lynn Headwaters access road to start in July. For road access and parking info go to: https://www.dnv.org/news/repairs-lynn-headwaters-access-road-start-july

January 2017: Peak on Mount Seymour officially named after former NSR leader Tim Jones. The peak named after Jones was previously known as Second Pump Peak. Tim Jones Peak is shown on the second edition of Trail Ventures BC’s North Shore Trail Map.

February 2016: The Howe Sound Crest Trail (HSCT) north of The Lions and south of Magnesia Meadows has been rerouted to go directly over ‘David Peak’ as the primary route. The “horseshoe” section of the trail which drops ~300 m into the Capilano Watershed was decommissioned by BC Parks last summer. The already existing route that goes directly over ‘David Pk’ has been formalized using BC Parks standard trail markers and is now the official alignment of the HSCT. See revised map image below:

Rerouted section of the HSCT
Rerouted section of the HSCT north of The Lions and south of Magnesia Meadows

November 2015: Donation of North Shore Trail Maps to North Shore Rescue: https://www.northshorerescue.com/2015/11/16/north-shore-trail-map-donation/

Donation of North Shore Trail Maps to North Shore Rescue
Donation of North Shore Trail Maps to North Shore Rescue

June 2015: The gate at the trailhead for the Howe Sound Crest Trail (HSCT) is officially closed indefinitely. However, it has been noted that the gate is sometimes open. This section of the HSCT is a 4WD road. The condition of this road has degraded over the past couple of years and is now somewhat brushed-in over the majority of its lengths. The old  Deeks Creek Trail is officially closed.

25-kilometre loop trail for cyclists and hikers in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve now open: www.vancouversun.com

Howe Sound Crest Trail: BC Parks spent $45,000 in trail work funding for the 2013 season. $50,000 will be made available in the 2014 season to continue the Howe Sound Crest Upgrade work with current focus on rebuilding the switchbacks leading to St. Marks Summit with a durable trail bed and proper drainage. Work is also planned to clear blow downs at the Deeks Lake end of the trail.

August 2014: HSCT (aka Deeks Lake Trail): At the Porteau Road trailhead (parking lot), the gate which was previously open is now closed. There are “No Trespassing” signs posted. This may be due to the housing development near Deeks Creek.

December 2014: Seymour River trail closures due to the rock slide: Bottletop, Twin Bridge, Riverside – Twin Bridge on Fisherman’s Trail are closed indefinitely. Closures are also currently in place at Hyannis Point and Incline that will likely be scaled back as we get through the rest of the next couple bouts of weather. There will be some semi-permanent or permanent changes to the trail network as a result of this slide event.

Interview with CBC News On the Coast on March 3, 2015: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/spring-hiking-trails-in-metro-vancouver-for-mountain-enthusiasts-1.2979323

spring hiking cbc

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