All Chilliwack campgrounds, recreation sites and most unofficial campsites are shown on Trail Ventures BC’s Chilliwack West Recreational Map & Chilliwack East Recreational Map.

The vast majority of the camping in this area takes place within the many Chilliwack provincial park campgrounds (see below). Due to recent changes, most or all of these campgrounds now allow reservations to be made.

The Jones Lake area accessed via the Silver Skagit Rd is also popular for camping. BC Hydro campgrounds at Jones (Wahleach) Lake reservoir are a good base for fishing, boating, swimming, hiking and exploring in the area. There are 2 campgrounds: Jones Lake Main and Jones Lake West. The campgrounds are open year round but are only maintained from May 1 to October 15. No reservations are accepted. The RCMP make patrols to this area. 4WDHC vehicles are recommended to access this recreational area. There are 2 boat launches here.

For more info on the Jones Lake campgrounds and the immediate area go to:

Camping is also available at various Chilliwack forest recreation sites (FRS) throughout the Chilliwack River valley. There are 6 official recreation sites within the valley with capacities ranging from 4-71 campsites. Most are open May 1 to September long weekend but the Thurston Meadows and Rapids FRSs are open year round. Most of these campgrounds have an attendant and all require a nightly fee to be paid. Tamihi Rapids FRS (located near Tamihi Bridge) is for day use only. Campsites can be reserved for a fee.

Unofficial Chilliwack campsites can be found scattered throughout the valley. Do not camp where camping is prohibited. Some of these sites are located near to Chilliwack Lake Road while others are found along forest service roads. Please do not litter!

Chilliwack backcountry camping is permitted within most backcountry areas (except ecological reserves). In Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, plenty of campsites can be found at Lindeman Lake, Greendrop Lake and Flora Lake. Also, ‘Radium Lake’ and Pierce Lake have some space for camping which is accessible by trail. These sites and others are shown on the map. Most high alpine camping is conducted by mountaineers attempting to surmount various ridges and peaks of this region including Cheam Ridge, Slesse Mtn. area, Mt. Lindeman area or Rexford/Illusion Groups.

For recreation sites info for Chilliwack go to: Chilliwack recreation sites info click here

For recreation sites, provincial park campground and private campground info go to: Campground info click here

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